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    I am one of Dr. McCarty’s patients who underwent ACL reconstruction in May of 2022 and was followed by the physical therapy team at your facility.

    Prior to my ACL tear I was a tennis/soccer/basketball player, a more than average backpacker, skier, and overall led a very active lifestyle. When I tore my ACL, I felt that literally my world fell apart and it was a scary concept that I might never get back to do the things I loved to do, at the end of the day, I am not a professional athlete, and I am not in my 20’s anymore. There was no way in my mind that I will recover my same active lifestyle again. Today, I am very pleased and proud to say, that I have never felt as fit and healthy in my life as I feel now, thanks to the wonderful collaborative team effort by the whole medical team from Dr. McCarty to my wonderful 3 physical therapists (Ellie, Mike, and Eric – in chronological order of care).

    I can’t express how professional, patient, and supportive, Dr. McCarty was when we started addressing the surgical approaches with the pros and cons of each of them. As a physician myself, I know physician patients are some of the hardest to deal with, but I felt reassured and that I was in trusted hands. I do remember very well the conversation we had first time when has asked me about my therapy goals and how confident he was when I told him that I want to keep doing everything I am doing, and this gave me a positive view and confidence that we will make it happen. I am very thankful for his patience, kindness, and expertise.

    As for the physical therapist I worked with, the best expression for my gratitude is to say that I have been playing tennis, returning to ski this season, backpacked this summer some of my most intense trails and feel as confident as anyone could be with my strength and stability. I will dare say that I feel stronger and more stable after the end of my rehab than I felt before the injury. The patience, kindness, science, and professionalism the 3 of them have shown made me without exaggeration love my PT sessions. I got to understand my body better, and that made me trust myself more than ever before and know exactly what we are working on and why. With all professional boundaries respected, and in the best possible way, the 3 of them became almost friends and people I respect, trust, and admire.

    Last but not least at all, the administrative staff (scheduler, front desk and everyone honestly) are some of the kindest and most welcoming team I have interacted with, I absolutely congratulate you on building such a wonderful team. Honestly, the whole environment at the facility gives such a positive vibe, and I would say that I “enjoyed” my rehab process which is a verb I never thought I would use describing this process at all.

    I apologize for the lengthy review and wish I had sent it sooner than this as it is really overdue, but this is the least I can do to thank your team for all the effort and support they have provided me and how they made such a scary experience at the beginning for me become an enjoyable, exciting journey.

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