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  • Can You Drink Too Many Electrolytes?

    Your body needs electrolytes. These amazing substances help your body function in numerous ways. They work to maintain fluid balances. They turn nutrients into energy. They support muscle control and heart rhythm.

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  • Ask the Pediatrician: What is the best first sport for kids?

    Swimming is a fun, relaxing activity that fuels brain health and builds strong bodies. It's great for growing children, since learning to move in the water improves coordination and flexibility.

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  • Post-Operative Physical Therapy Following Cervical Spine Surgery: Analysis of Patient-Reported Outcomes

    Post-operative physical therapy (PT) following anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) surgery is often performed to improve a patient's functional ability and reduce neck pain. However, current literature evaluating the benefits of post-operative PT using patient-reported outcomes (PROs) is limited and remains inconclusive. Here we compare post-operative improvement between patients who did and did not undergo formal PT after ACDF using Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) scores.

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  • CUSMPC at ACSM 2023!!

    We wanted to share all the good news that happened over this past week at ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine. Our Center and our department of Orthopedics made a GREAT and strong showing.

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  • The Missing Piece of the NBA Load Management Puzzle

    If you're an NBA fan or commentator, you could be mistaken for thinking that load management is all about rest! Afterall, as a fan, you’ve paid big money to watch your favorite player, only to turn up to the game and find he is resting due to "load management"! On the other hand, these players are required to compete at home, and on the road, in back-to-back games in different time zones, with disrupted sleep and recovery. Is it reasonable to expect them to play every game of an 82-game season and still be at their peak for the play-offs? This is the challenge facing the NBA, players, owners, front office, and team sports medicine staff.

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  • What's Brewing at CU Sports Medicine & Performance Center: March into Spring with Dr. VanBaak

    What's Brewing at CU Sports Medicine & Performance Center: March into Spring with Dr. VanBaak OSTEOPOROSIS and BONE MINERAL DENSITY FOR THE AGES!

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  • How long does physical therapy take?

    The amount of time that physical therapy (PT) takes depends on various factors. These can include the type of injury a person has, their overall health, how frequently they attend PT sessions, whether they perform exercises at home, and more.

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  • Hip muscle exercises could help amputees improve functional mobility

    Strengthening hip muscles could be key to improve mobility in people with a below-the-knee amputation, new research has shown.

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  • What to know about ankle pain treatments

    Treatments for ankle pain and discomfort vary depending on the cause. Options may include cold compresses and pain medications. Surgery may be necessary if the pain is severe.

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  • What Is a Sprained Wrist?

    A sprained wrist is an injury that affects the ligaments, which are soft tissue structures connecting bone to bone. These injuries range in severity and often occur with trauma, such as a fall, or during sports activities. Mild wrist sprains usually heal within a few weeks, but severe injuries can require surgery.

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