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  • Could Your Bicycle Saddle Be Causing You Shoulder Pain?

    The modern bicycle’s predecessor called a Laufmaschine, or “Dandy Horse,” was a basic seat perched above two wheels to help a rider travel faster than walking and with reduced effort. The narrow seat, or saddle, allowed him to duplicate a walking or running motion without the physical exertion of supporting his entire weight (It was not, of course, considered lady-like to ride a Dandy Horse in 19th Century Europe). Present-day bicycles are highly-engineered tools designed for efficiency, comfort and style. Although many riders spend some time standing on a descent or difficult portion of a climb, they are still most often seated and looking for efficiency. As a result, the shape and size of the saddle is key to proper spinal alignment, body position and the rider’s relationship to the pedals affecting everything from power output, to safety, to comfort.

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  • Boulder Roubaix Training and Lecture Series!

    Jared’s excerpt below, from his experience in the Boulder Roubaix, is a preview of the information that we will discuss in our Free Community Lecture Series Presentation on Monday, March 13th from 6-7pm at our center. Read below to learn about some key points to think about for the race, and remember to sign up for the presentation where we will talk details on preparation, monitoring, and strategy for this type of race.

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  • Boulder Roubaix Youth Bike Clinic

    CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center is partnering with the Boulder Roubaix to offer junior boys and girls a free clinic where they can learn about bike racing and bike skills to help at the Boulder Roubaix and future cycling events!

    The Boulder Roubaix course is a fast, fun course with a mixture of dirt and paved roads that will allow for exciting racing while providing a great learning experience for aspiring cyclists!

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  • Tracker Laser for Neck Injury and Concussion Treatment

    Ann McNamara, MPT, who specializes in vestibular dysfunctions, post-Concussion rehabilitation, and trigger Point Dry Needling, gives us insight into new treatment options for the neck. The Tracker Laser is a new device that allows providers to assist patients with strength and proprioception following a variety of sports-related injuries and concussions.

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